Letter to a Mother Cedar

Gosh, but I am embarrassed. The people of Burnaby elected Councillors who care about their city’s environment. Part of that caring includes a set of bylaws that protect the trees in their jurisdiction. But now the courts, whom I’d always thought were supposed to uphold the laws (and bylaws), have sided – not with the citizens of Burnaby, but with the heavy – handed builders of this unnecessary and unwanted pipeline. Although this letter is expressly written to you, dear shaggy cedar, my concerns go to you and your extended family. I can only hope that wiser heads find a way to overturn this rash and dangerous decision so that you and your kin can continue to grow and endure on our behalf. With apologies for the many ways we humans have disappointed you and yours.

Shaggy in my own sad ways,

Heidi Greco – Territory of the Semiahmoo Nation

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