Thank you for your steadfast beauty and patience

Dearest Tree,
My heart is aching for you and the beauty and steadfastness you give to our world. And my heart is aching that human systems are not yet awake enough to stop pursuing old industrial growth ways of doing and being in favour of ways that honour every aspect of Life and the sustainability and vitality of life in place by place and in the world as a whole. You have sister trees in my neighbourhood. I know you are connected, and I know everything is connected. I know in some weird way that everything is fine, and at the same time, I pray that the decision makers at the Federal Government, and at TMX will halt clearing you — cutting you, killing you.
Holding you and the others in my heart. Know that you are deeply appreciated, and loved and cared for. And that the love you engender is bringing healing. And that humans are waking up.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
All my relations!

Kate Sutherland
Vancouver, BC

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