Trees Know the Gift

Sam Tuck

the trees know the gift
that is the joy of giving
and the lessons of receiving with grace
If you sit in silence
you can hear them
1000-year-old grandmothers
who give up all they have
when the saw toothed
blades of modernity
come to devour
sending warnings through the earth
releasing water and sunlight and sap
and nutrients
to all of their kin
trees take up this selfless honour
without hesitation or doubt
these beings whose very strength
come from holding tightly to each other
are so quick to let go
when the time comes
this is a sacred language of reciprocity
for there is no tree that strays
from its promise to the earth
no tree with branches foolish enough
to fight amongst themselves for the light
only the most civilized of humans
could be as ignorant as that!
quick! slow down!
the cedars laugh with all of our business
let us lay all our grief amongst the
dive deep down
and pick up our skillfulness once again
this takes time
they whisper
you keep so much for yourself
but have not yet found your gifts
softly, gently
listen with the silence of the heart
sit for a while yet
there is so much you have forgotten
so many gifts within

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