Trees make clean air for your grandchildren to live!

Please save the beautiful oxygen-making lifegiving mature living trees so they can continue providing clean air and fresh oxygen for people and creatures to breathe through all these neighborhoods along the proposed tmx pipeline expansion route. Your children and grandchildren need clean air and oxygen made by trees so they can breathe, and they need trees to protect the fragile climate that allows rain to fall so food can grow for them and future generations without heat and drought and be protected from weather disasters like floods and windstorms. Trees do all this giving, even while they are also green and beautiful alive and full of wildlife, so your children and grandchildren can still find wonder and peace and happiness long after you are gone.
Children and families need greenways and wild land close to where they live, for exercise, exploring, learning and as nature sanctuaries close to home for their healthy emotional and physical well being. Our communities all along this route are devastated to lose these beautiful generous lifegiving trees and the essential green peaceful corridors of nature and sanctuary they create.
These trees are worth so much more alive than a pipeline expansion, that just moves toxic chemicals that spill and pollute water and destroy coastlines or are burned wherever they go to destroy the climate and your grandchildren’s chance to have a future.
Please let these trees live instead, so your grandkids can also survive.

Stephanie von Dehn
Salish Sea off of Vancouver

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