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mountain shadowsthe decayed heartwoodcatches my fall dementia –a cherry tree leansinto Lost Lagoon autumn glowI dip intoa thousand trees by Antoinette Cheung
Dear Trees of Burnaby, I am writing to let you know how much appreciation and reverence I have for your long lives to date, for your ecosystem services to humans, and for your provision of the necessary habitat for lives
        "…I speak for the trees for the Trees have no tongues...."                              -The Lorax by Dr. Seuss Yet they sough and sigh as they sway,receiving sunlight, open-palmed,or creak and moan in winter blasts.Dawn
The great Canadian artist, Emily Carr, painted trees like these - tall, majestic, spirit-filled. They have a unique place in the heritage of this country. Please do not remove them. Paul PynkoskiToronto
Please save the beautiful oxygen-making lifegiving mature living trees so they can continue providing clean air and fresh oxygen for people and creatures to breathe through all these neighborhoods along the proposed tmx pipeline expansion route. Your children and grandchildren
O my graceful cedar tree,What healing love you offer meWithout an effort I can see,As I climb you carefully The graceful curving of your limbsFrees me of my painful whimsAnd as I rest my back on theeI feel you gently
There is a spiritual power in #trees Trees are a source of energy on many levels. Physically they help people & the planet by providing oxygen, shade, food, shelter & sustains astronomical amounts of habitats, seen & unseen. Their roots
Federal regulators are notFederal regulators are not requiredFederal regulators are not required toFederal regulators are not required to obtain permitsFederal regulators are not required to obtain permits to hack and hewFederal regulators are not required to obtain permits to slaughtermore
I would like to open this heart felt letter with a not so much protocol, but a true heart felt land acknowledgement. I would like to offer an acknowledge that I am writing this letter from the traditional, ancestral, unceded
These 1308 trees are amongst the beautiful gifts from nature we learn and play in everyday here at daycare on Burnaby Mountain. These children have a deep love and respect for the trees and all they give us and they
Long after a tree has stopped being alive, it continues to support life. Even though its vital juices have stopped (without leaves there is no pull of water to the canopy, and thus no carbohydrates are sent to the roots),
the trees know the giftthat is the joy of givingand the lessons of receiving with graceIf you sit in silenceyou can hear them1000-year-old grandmotherswho give up all they havewhen the saw toothedblades of modernitycome to devoursending warnings through the earthreleasing
when the great light of the sunmelted beyond the blue mountainsI used to climb your branchesto get a second lookbut nowI burrow deep between your rootsSearching for the lightweaving new clothes out of bark that smellsof something ancientmaking a space
Gosh, but I am embarrassed. The people of Burnaby elected Councillors who care about their city's environment. Part of that caring includes a set of bylaws that protect the trees in their jurisdiction. But now the courts, whom I'd always
I declare that you matter to me and to many friends who care about the future of the land that we live on together. We bear witness to your beauty and vitality and irreplaceable importance to all living things around
Dear tree, I am so sorry that some humans are planning to do this terrible act for a terrible purpose. You deserve better. I love and respect you, and your family, and your nation. I am so grateful for you.
I am to single out just one of you for gratitude & solidarity. yet you are all so deeply connected in my mind & in this photo. your so-called crown shyness is really about your respect for one another. you
I imagine all the birds, insects and other trees, mosses and creatures that will miss you if you are taken away and I am hoping that we can prevent that. Many humans have lost their heart connection to Mother Earth
Dearest Tree,My heart is aching for you and the beauty and steadfastness you give to our world. And my heart is aching that human systems are not yet awake enough to stop pursuing old industrial growth ways of doing and
We love you and we are grateful for the thousands of years of growth you cumulatively and collectively represent. We are utterly disappointed and disgusted that Ian Anderson and Prime Minister Trudeau would engineer political systems to cut down so
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