Seventy Surrey Cedars

Crime scene: TransMountain now cutting 150 year-old cedars in Surrey.

On Monday Nov 8, 4 Hummingbird Land Defenders protected trees through non-violent direct action, one arrest.

Report from: Friday, Nov 12, 2021

Unceeded Kwantlen, Katzie, Kwitkwetlem, Stolo territory also known as Fraser Heights / North Surrey. Tree-cutting has started as TransMountain, behind schedule, pushes to remove trees before protests escalate.

Canadian and International leaders are failing us. Help us care for the land that we are a part of through non-violent direct action. Mention Hummingbird Land Defenders and we will contact you.

Hundreds of Mature Trees About to be Cut from North Slope Buffer. We say NO.

Thursday, Nov 5 2021

Trans Mountain pipeline has arrived in the Fraser Heights area of Surrey. They plan to cut hundreds of trees, and replace the fresh air & natural space with a tarsands pipeline. Are you aware of what is happening in your neighbourhood?

While constructing the Pipeline you can expect:
Loss of trees, clean air, sound buffering (cut will be 1.3 km long, and 25 to 50 metres wide)
Increase in soil erosion, ecosystem destruction.
Increase in work trucks, no parking, mud on roads, pollution.
Trails closed. Chainsaws. Excavators. Hydrovacs. Heavy Equipment.
Drilling machine is very loud with potential for constant vibration.
Workers from outside of the community.

Once built you can expect:
A short trail built through the clear-cut.
A high pressure & high temperature pipeline passing close to residents.
Risks of leaks or catastrophic events that the Surrey fire department is not prepared to deal with. Learn about risks of diluted bitumen.

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The Issue:

WHAT: Over the next few months hundreds of trees, including a circle of 7 old cedars and many other mature trees, are proposed to be cut from the forest & protected parkland to build a controversial and widely opposed pipeline from the tarsands.
WHERE: Your community: between Highway 17 and the houses on 112 Ave, 168 Street, 163 Street, 113b Ave & 114 Ave in Surrey. Other areas in Surrey will also be affected.
WHY: This secretive work is being done to build the new line of the Trans Mountain Pipeline (sold to us as twinning – which it is NOT, this is a completely new route through Fraser Heights and it does not closely follow the SFPR – it is through the forest).
LEARN MORE: You missed the Town Hall but please join a 1 hour Tour to see the trees before it is too late. Recording of the event available on request.

Map showing 1.3km area of forest to be cut -in greyish white between Hwy 17 and the houses along 112 Ave, 168 Street, 163 Street & 113b Ave. The cut may be up to 50m wide in areas, and as narrow as 15m. This is not the only area being cut.
Artist rendering of impacts to trees and greenspace. Proposed cut areas shown in red.



More maps from the area

Links to actual pipeline route images for the area, showing the area to be cleared of trees.
Behind 168 St
Behind 164 St and 113b St
Behind 114 Ave

Video of brush clearing

On Oct 19, 2021 a crew of several workers were on site in North Slope Buffer Park. They are clearing the pipeline right-of-way to allow work access to the forest and trees to be cut. LINK TO VIDEO
NOTE: the audio is incorrect about it being a simply new path… it is for pipeline access.

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